SSIS Catalog Migration Wizard

Works with:

  • Visual Studio 2017, 2019, 2022.
  • SQL Server Management Studio 18, 19(preview).
  • Standalone installation.

SSIS Catalog Migration Wizard helps you migrate full or part of the SSIS catalog to another SQL server. You can move the SSIS catalog to another server between any version of SQL Server (2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022(preview), Azure Data Factory/ Azure SQL Database, or Azure SQL managed instance). Apart from one-time migrations, this tool is designed to help you in manage day-to-day SSIS catalog activities with ease Read more

Compare source and target catalog

Compare source and target and choose to migrate only what has changed. Export comparison report in CSV format. 

Customize SSIS folder names on the go

Easily map source and target folder names. The wizard populates all selected folder names in Source and Target folder columns. Edit the value in the ‘Target Folder’ column if you wish to customize the folders. 

Set the target environment variable values, project and package parameters.

Configure the key-value pairs that you would like to replace in the environment variable and parameter values. Suggest button will list suggestions for replacing values based on the selected Replace Scope and Suggestion Method. 

Export, Import and delete SSISDB items in bulk.

Whether you want to keep the backup of SSIS catalog items or migrate SSISDB items to a different network, SCMW file export has this covered. 

Inspect the SSISDB catalog for any issues.

Inspect some trivial issues in your SSISDB like

  • SSIS projects have orphan environment references.
  • Project or package parameter refers to environment variables that do not exist in their reference environments.
  • Unused environments or environment variables etc.

Migrate SSIS Catalog items on the same server.

Migrate SSIS Catalog items on the same SQL server SSISDB but to different folders.

Migrate SSIS Catalog to SQL server on a different network.

Using .scmw file type as an export type, you can migrate the SSIS catalog on the different networks.

Command-line utility for automation.

With the command-line utility, we can now automate routine migrations in a matter of a few clicks. The migration script can be integrated with any scheduler or CI-CD tool.

Automatic project validations after migration.

You can choose to validate all the migrated projects automatically after their migration.


SSIS Catalog Migration Wizard provides proactive suggestions to replace environment variable and parameter values during the migration. You can now use Regex replace or actual value method to get the recommendations.

Download the zip file and then unzip it. You will see the Installation guide.txt file. Follow the instructions to complete the installations.

You can also watch this quick tutorial to know more.

Yes, SSIS Catalog Migration Wizard supports scmw export type. You can export part or full SSIS Catalog in just a few clicks.

Absolutely, you can migrate SSIS catalog to Azure SSIS runtime as you do it for any other SQL server version.